Wednesday, April 18, 2018

More from awhile ago

All the fog!
There's a city back there,
but you'd never know.


Sub par tacos
and no Horchata!
Cold wind through the open door....
Disappointment mounts
with every bite.


He hurries down hill,
the red glow of his cigarette
marking his speed.


Gray green tide creeps in.
The white gull flies away--
now I am alone.

37 Weeks Ago

Man carries dog
down to the beach for its walk.
True story.

And even further back!

Brown sand in my socks
and shoes.
Worth it.


Blood red sun
skies made of smoke and loss—
I can’t breathe.


Finally nighttime!
Noisy fans cease to the
sound of crickets.

---------- Accidentally
disturbed a tiny spider.
Now avoiding it

Written even further back than the others!

Warm night, crescent moon,
a heron near the lake—
Is he lonely?

20 Weeks Ago

Out the window,
trees wave at each other
in the cold wind.

19 Weeks Ago

At the sound of rain,
he sets out the buckets.
So many leaks.

25 Weeks Ago

Fresh seaweed dots
the tide, the rocks, the sand.
Gulls' feet imprint all. --------------

Bird sanctuary--
sandpipers feed undisturbed--
muddy, squishy sand.